A Comprehensive Survey of Benchmarks for Automated Improvement of Software's Non-Functional Properties

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DOI A Backend Tool for the Integration of Memory Optimizations into Embedded Software Scopus (memory) FDL Conference 2019 Manuel Strobel and Martin Radetzki #Memory #Time #Energy #Report #Static #Semantic MiBench 10: basicmath, bitcount, blowfish, crc32, dijkstra, fft, patricia, qsort, rijndael, sha C/c++ Function, File Embedded
DOI A bitmask-based code compression technique for embedded systems Scopus (other) ICCAD Conference 2006 Seok-Won Seong and Prabhat Mishra #Size #Static #Semantic MediaBench, MiBench 9: adpcm, jpeg, gsm, gsm, mpeg2, pegwit C/c++ Function, File Embedded
DOI Abstract: Memory and Parallelism Exploration Using the LULESH Proxy Application IEEE (time) SC Other 2012 Ian Karlin, Jim McGraw, Esthela Gallardo, Jeff Keasler, Edgar A. León, and Bert Still #Time #Manual #Destructive #Loops #Semantic 2: LULESH, xALE Gpu Unknown Unix/linux
DOI A Case Study of Memory Optimization for Migration of a Plasmonics Simulation Application to SX-ACE IEEE (memory) CANDAR Conference 2015 Raghunandan Mathur, Hiroshi Matsuoka, Osamu Watanabe, Akihiro Musa, Ryusuke Egawa, and Hiroaki Kobayashi #Memory #Time #Report #Manual #Semantic 1: unnamed Unknown Unknown Unknown
DOI Access Pattern Restructuring for Memory Energy IEEE (energy), IEEE (memory) IEEE TPDS Journal 2004 Victor De La Luz, Ismail Kadayif, Mahmut T. Kandemir, and Ugur Sezer #Energy #Time #Report #Static #Loops SPEC, Perfect Club 9: phods, seq, flt, tomcatv, swim, eflux, lu, sobel, morph C/c++ Function, File Unknown
DOI Achieving High Instruction Cache Performance with an Optimizing Compiler Google (quality) ISCA Conference 1989 Wen-mei W. Hwu and Pohua P. Chang #Memory #Sampling #Semantic 10: cccp, cmp, compress, grep, lex, make, tee, tar, wc, yacc C/c++ File Unix/linux
DOI A Cloud Based Super-Optimization Method to Parallelize the Sequential Code's Nested Loops IEEE (time) MCSoC Conference 2019 Amin Majd, Mohammad Loni, Golnaz Sahebi, Masoud Daneshtalab, and Elena Troubitsyna #Time #Evolutionary #Loops 2: unnamed C/c++ Block Windows
DOI A Code Generator for Energy-Efficient Wavefront Parallelization of Uniform Dependence Computations IEEE (energy), IEEE (memory) IEEE TPDS Journal 2018 Yun Zou and Sanjay V. Rajopadhye #Energy #Static #Loops 5: jacobi-2D, heat-2D, FDTD-2D, wave-2D, heat-3D Gpu Function Unix/linux
DOI A comparison of empirical and model-driven optimization Google (other), Google (quality) PLDI Conference 2003 Kamen Yotov, Xiaoming Li, Gang Ren, Michael Cibulskis, Gerald DeJong, María Jesús Garzarán, David A. Padua, Keshav Pingali, Paul Stodghill, and Peng Wu #Time #Sampling #Loops 1: unnamed C/c++ Block Unix/linux
DOI A compiler-automated array compression scheme for optimizing memory intensive programs ACM (memory) ICS Conference 2010 Lixia Liu and Zhiyuan Li #Time #Static #Semantic NAS, MGMRES, Spike, SparseBench, pARMS 1: unnamed Unknown Block Unknown
DOI A compiler-based approach for dynamically managing scratch-pad memories in embedded systems IEEE (memory), IEEE (quality), Scopus (memory) IEEE TCAD Journal 2004 Mahmut T. Kandemir, J. Ramanujam, Mary Jane Irwin, Narayanan Vijaykrishnan, Ismail Kadayif, and Amisha Parikh #Memory #Sampling #Loops MediaBench 5: int_mxm, full_search, parallel_hier, rasta_fft, rasta_flt Unknown File Unknown
DOI A Compiler Based Leakage Reduction Technique by Power-Gating Functional Units in Embedded Microprocessors IEEE (other) VLSID Conference 2007 Soumyaroop Roy, Srinivas Katkoori, and Nagarajan Ranganathan #Energy #Static #Semantic MiBench 12: bitcount, qsort, jpeg, lame, dijkstra, patricia, rsynth, ispell, fft, fft-inverse, rijndael, sha C/c++ Function, File Unix/linux
DOI A Compiler Optimization Algorithm for Shared-Memory Multiprocessors IEEE (memory) IEEE TPDS Journal 1998 Kathryn S. McKinley #Time #Static #Semantic 10: Seismic, BTN, Erlebacher, Interior, Control, Direct, ODE, Multi, Banded, Linpackd Fortran File Unknown
DOI A comprehensive study of bloated dependencies in the Maven ecosystem Scopus (other) ESE Journal 2021 César Soto-Valero, Nicolas Harrand, Martin Monperrus, and Benoit Baudry #Size #Static #Semantic 9639: unnamed Java Project, Application, Unknown Unknown
DOI A Cross-Layer Multicore Architecture to Tradeoff Program Accuracy and Resilience Overheads IEEE (quality), Scopus (quality) IEEE CAL Journal 2015 Qingchuan Shi, Henry Hoffmann, and Omer Khan #Other #Time #Report #Static #Loops PARSEC 4: streamcluster, swaptions, canneal, blackscholes C/c++ File, Project Unknown
DOI ADAPT: Automated De-Coupled Adaptive Program Transformation IEEE (time) ICPP Conference 2000 Michael Voss and Rudolf Eigenmann #Time #Sampling #Loops SPEC 3: mgrid, swim, tomcatv Fortran File Unknown
DOI A Flexible Tradeoff Between Code Size and WCET Using a Dual Instruction Set Processor Scopus (other) SCOPES Workshop 2004 Sheayun Lee, Jaejin Lee, Chang Yun Park, and Sang Lyul Min #Time #Size #Focus #Sampling #Semantic SNU-RT 4: fir, matmul, ludcmp, jfdctint C/c++ File Embedded
DOI A Framework for Effective Memory Optimization of High Performance Computing Applications IEEE (memory), IEEE (quality), Scopus (memory) HPCC Conference 2009 Pingjing Lu, Yonggang Che, and Zhenghua Wang #Time #Evolutionary #Loops 3: mm, rbSor, Sor Fortran File, Unknown Unix/linux
DOI A fuzzy genetic automatic refactoring approach to improve software maintainability and flexibility Manual Soft Computing Journal 2021 Raana Saheb Nasagh, Mahnoosh Shahidi, and Mehrdad Ashtiani #Other #Evolutionary #Semantic Fontana 5: FreeMind, Jag, JGraph, JUnit Java Project Unknown
DOI A General-Purpose Framework for Genetic Improvement Scopus (energy), Scopus (memory), Manual PPSN Conference 2016 Francesco Marino, Giovanni Squillero, and Alberto Paolo Tonda #Size #Evolutionary #Destructive 3: MD5 C/c++, Java, Python Function Unix/linux
DOI A GPGPU compiler for memory optimization and parallelism management Google (memory) PLDI Conference 2010 Yi Yang, Ping Xiang, Jingfei Kong, and Huiyang Zhou #Time #Static #Loops 11: imregionmax, demosaicing, cv, mm, tmv, mv, vv, tp, strsm, rd, geomean Gpu Block Unix/linux
DOI A Low-Footprint Java-to-Native Compilation Scheme Using Formal Methods Scopus (memory) CARDIS Conference 2006 Alexandre Courbot, Mariela Pavlova, Gilles Grimaud, and Jean-Jacques Vandewalle #Size #Static #Semantic Java Grande 4: crypt, banking, scheduler, tcpip Java File, Project Unix/linux
DOI A Machine Learning Approach for Productive Data Locality Exploitation in Parallel Computing Systems IEEE (energy), IEEE (memory), IEEE (other), IEEE (time) CCGrid Conference 2019 Engin Kayraklioglu, Erwan Favry, and Tarek A. El-Ghazawi #Time #Memory #Report #Evolutionary #Loops 5: STREAM, PRK-Transpose, PRK-DGEMM, PARACR, LULESH Chapel File, Project Unknown
DOI A Machine-Learning-Based Framework for Productive Locality Exploitation IEEE (memory), IEEE (other) IEEE TPDS Journal 2021 Engin Kayraklioglu, Erwan Favry, and Tarek A. El-Ghazawi #Time #Memory #Report #Evolutionary #Loops 6: Stream, Stencil, Transpose, DGEMM, LULESH, PARACR Chapel File, Project Unix/linux
DOI A methodology correlating code optimizations with data memory accesses, execution time and energy consumption Manual SuperComputing Journal 2019 Vasilios Kelefouras and Karim Djemame #Time #Memory #Energy #Focus #Static #Loops PolyBench 7: mmm, mvm, g.blur, fir, gemver, doitgen, bigc C/c++ Block, Function Unix/linux
DOI A methodology for efficient code optimizations and memory management ACM (memory) CF Conference 2018 Vasilios Kelefouras and Karim Djemame #Time #Static #Loops PolyBench 6: mvm, mmm, fir, gemver, doitgen, g.blur C/c++ Block, Function Unix/linux
DOI A modular memory optimization for synchronous data-flow languages -- Application to arrays in a lustre compiler ACM (memory) LCTES Conference 2012 Léonard Gérard, Adrien Guatto, Cédric Pasteur, and Marc Pouzet #Time #Memory #Size #Focus #Static #Semantic 5: Shuffle, BubbleSort, MissionC, Downscale, ContAuto Heptagon File Unknown
URL AN5D: Automated Stencil Framework for High-Degree Temporal Blocking on GPUs ArXiV (memory) ArXiV Other 2020 Kazuaki Matsumura, Hamid Reza Zohouri, Mohamed Wahib, Toshio Endo, and Satoshi Matsuoka #Time #Static #Loops #Semantic 13: unnamed C/c++ Block Unix/linux
DOI An actionable performance profiler for optimizing the order of evaluations Scopus (quality) ISSTA Conference 2017 Marija Selakovic, Thomas Glaser, and Michael Pradel #Time #Static #Semantic JetStream 43: unnamed Javascript File, Project, Application Unknown
DOI Analysing and improving the performance of software code for Real Time Embedded systems IEEE (quality), IEEE (time) ICDCS Conference 2014 Prashant V. Joshi and K. S. Gurumurthy #Time #Memory #Focus #Static #Loops 2: unnamed C/c++ Unknown Unknown
DOI Analysis and Optimization of Embedded Software Energy Consumption on the Source Code and Algorithm Level IEEE (energy), Scopus (energy) EM-Com Conference 2009 Gang Luo, Bing Guo, Yan Shen, HaiYan Liao, and Lei Ren #Energy #Time #Memory #Report #Static #Configuration #Loops #Semantic 1: 8 queens C/c++ File Unix/linux
DOI Analysis of High-Level Address Code Transformations for Programmable Processors IEEE (memory) DATE Conference 2000 Sumit Gupta, Rajesh K. Gupta, Miguel Miranda, and Francky Catthoor #Time #Static #Loops 2: unnamed C/c++ Block Unix/linux
DOI Analyzing Optimization Techniques for Power Efficiency on Heterogeneous Platforms IEEE (energy) IPDPS Workshop 2013 Yash Ukidave and David R. Kaeli #Energy #Time #Memory #Report #Static #Destructive #Loops 4: fft C/c++ Function Gpu
DOI An approach based on a DSL + API for programming runtime adaptivity and autotuning concerns ACM (time) SAC Conference 2018 Tiago Carvalho and João M. P. Cardoso #Time #Sampling #Configuration #Loops 3: unnamed Java Function Android, Unknown
URL An Approach to Enhance Loop Performance for Multicluster VLIW DSP Processor IEEE (quality) ARCS Workshop 2014 Yangzhao Yang, Naijie Gu, Kaixin Ren, and Bingqing Hu #Time #Sampling #Loops DSPstone 14: fft, fir, fir2dim, convoluiton, dot_product, complex_multiply, complex_update, matrix, matrix2, matrix3, lms, bns, complex_updates, real_update C/c++ Function Unknown
DOI An Automated Tool for Analysis and Tuning of GPU-Accelerated Code in HPC Applications IEEE (time) IEEE TPDS Journal 2022 Keren Zhou, Xiaozhu Meng, Ryuichi Sai, Dejan Grubisic, and John M. Mellor-Crummey #Time #Static #Loops #Semantic Rodinia 23: backprop, bfs, b+tree, cfd, gaussian, heartwall, hotspot, huffman, kmeans, lavaMD, lud, myocyte, nw, particulefilter, sradv1, pathfinder, QuickSilver, ExaTENSOR, PeleC, Minimod, NAMD3, BerkeleyGW Gpu Unknown Gpu
DOI An Automatic Compiler Optimizations Selection Framework for Embedded Applications IEEE (quality) ICESS Conference 2009 Shih-Hao Hung, Chia-Heng Tu, Huang-Sen Lin, and Chi-Meng Chen #Time #Evolutionary #Configuration SPEC, MediaBench II 0: unnamed C/c++ Unknown Unix/linux
DOI An effective fusion and tile size model for optimizing image processing pipelines ACM (other) PPoPP Conference 2018 Abhinav Jangda and Uday Bondhugula #Time #Static #Loops 6: Unsharp Mask, Harris Corner, Multiscale Interpolation, Bilateral Grid, Camera Pipeline, Pyramid Blending C/c++ Block Unknown
DOI An Efficient Compiler Technique for Code Size Reduction Using Reduced Bit-Width ISAs IEEE (other) DATE Conference 2002 Ashok Halambi, Aviral Shrivastava, Partha Biswas, Nikil D. Dutt, and Alexandru Nicolau #Size #Static #Semantic Livermore Loops 22: hydro, ccg, prod, band, tri, lre, state, adi, pred, dpred, sum, diff, 2dpic, 1dpic, fort, ehydro, lre, dot, mult, plank, ihydro, min C/c++ Function Unknown
DOI An Empirical Investigation on the Effect of Code Smells on Resource Usage of Android Mobile Applications IEEE (memory), Scopus (memory) IEEE Access Journal 2021 Mohammad A. Alkandari, Ali Kelkawi, and Mahmoud O. Elish #Time #Memory #Focus #Static #Semantic 8: CycleStreets, Loop Habit Tracker, Travel Mate, NSIT-Connect, GNUCash, OmniNotes, EasyXKCD, MemoryGame Java Project, Application Android
DOI An empirical study of the performance impacts of Android code smells ACM (quality), Scopus (memory) MOBILESoft Conference 2016 Geoffrey Hecht, Naouel Moha, and Romain Rouvoy #Time #Memory #Focus #Manual #Semantic F-Droid 2: SoundWaves Podcast, Terminal Emulator for Android Unknown Application Android
DOI An Evaluation of Data-Parallel Compiler Support for Line-Sweep Applications Scopus (memory) PACT Conference 2002 Daniel G. Chavarría-Miranda and John M. Mellor-Crummey #Time #Memory #Focus #Static #Loops NAS 2: SP, BT Fortran File Unknown
DOI An Experience with Code-Size Optimization for Production iOS Mobile Applications IEEE (other), IEEE (quality) CGO Conference 2021 Milind Chabbi, Jin Lin, and Raj Barik #Size #Static #Semantic 3: UberRider, UberDriver, UberEats Swift, Objective-c Application Iphone
DOI An Experimental Evaluation of Data Dependence Analysis Techniques IEEE (quality) IEEE TPDS Journal 2004 Kleanthis Psarris and Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos #Time #Static #Loops Perfect Club 14: BDNA, OCEAN, ARC2D, FLO52, Lapack Fortran Unknown Unknown
DOI An Implementation of LLVM Pass for Loop Parallelization Based on IR-Level Directives IEEE (energy), IEEE (quality) CANDAR Workshop 2018 Kengo Jingu, Kohta Shigenobu, Kanemitsu Ootsu, Takeshi Ohkawa, and Takashi Yokota #Time #Static #Loops MediaBench II 2: mpeg2enc, h263enc C/c++ Function Unix/linux
DOI An Industrial Experience Report on Performance-Aware Refactoring on a Database-Centric Web Application ACM (quality) ASE Conference 2019 Boyuan Chen, Zhen Ming Jiang, Paul Matos, and Michael Lacaria #Time #Manual #Semantic 2: SP, Cachet Php Application Unknown
DOI An integer programming framework for optimizing shared memory use on GPUs IEEE (memory) HiPC Conference 2010 Wenjing Ma and Gagan Agrawal #Time #Static #Loops #Semantic 4: K-means clustering, ME clustering, Principal Component Analysis, Co-Clustering Gpu Block Unknown
DOI An integer programming framework for optimizing shared memory use on GPUs IEEE (memory) PACT Conference 2010 Wenjing Ma and Gagan Agrawal #Time #Static #Loops #Semantic 1: EM clustering Gpu Unknown Unknown
DOI An Intelligent Semi-Automatic Application Porting System for Application Accelerators ACM (memory) CF Workshop 2009 Thomas Henry Beach and Nicholas J. Avis #Time #Evolutionary #Semantic 2: N-body, FGEMM C/c++ Function Unknown
DOI An OpenMP Based Parallelization Compiler for C Applications IEEE (memory), Scopus (memory) BdCloud Conference 2018 Hamid Arabnejad, João Bispo, Jorge G. Barbosa, and João M. P. Cardoso #Time #Static #Loops #Semantic PolyBench 28: 2mm, 3mm, adi, atax, bicg, cholesky, correlation, covariance, deriche, doitgen, durbin, fdtd-2d, gemm, gesummv, gramschmidt, heat-3d, jacobi-1d, jacobi-2d, lu, ludcmp, mvt, seidel-2d, symm, syr2k, syrk, trisolv, trimm C/c++ Function Unix/linux
DOI An optimization-based approach to lookup table program transformations Scopus (memory), Scopus (quality) JSEP Journal 2014 Chris Wilcox, Michelle Mills Strout, and James M. Bieman #Time #Other #Search #Sampling #Semantic 6: unnamed C/c++ Project, Application, Unknown Unknown
DOI An Optimized Tuning of Genetic Algorithm Parameters in Compiler Flag Selection Based on Compilation and Execution Duration Manual SocProS Conference 2011 Thayalan Sandran, M. Nordin Zakaria, and Anindya Jyoti Pal #Time #Evolutionary #Configuration FDTD 0: unnamed C/c++ Unknown Unknown
DOI A Novel Technique for Orchestration of Compiler Optimization Functions Using Branch and Bound Strategy IEEE (quality), IEEE (time) IADCC Conference 2009 Nikita P Desai #Time #Exploratory #Configuration MiBench 5: qsort, susan, dijkstra, patricia, bzip2 C/c++ File, Project, Unknown Unix/linux
DOI An SMT based method for optimizing arithmetic computations in embedded software code Scopus (other) FMCAD Conference 2013 Hassan Eldib and Chao Wang #Other #Static #Semantic 8: unnamed C/c++ Function, File Unix/linux
DOI An SSA-based algorithm for optimal speculative code motion under an execution profile ACM (other) PLDI Conference 2011 Hucheng Zhou, Wenguang Chen, and Fred C. Chow #Time #Static #Semantic SPEC 29: perlbench, bzip2, gcc, mcf, gobmk, hmmer, sjeng, libquantum, h264ref, omnetpp, astar, xalancbmk, bwaves, gamess, milc, zeusmp, gromacs, cactusADM, leslie3d, namd, dealII, soplex, povray, calculix, gemsFDTD, tonto, ibm, wrf, sphinx3 C/c++ Project, Application Unix/linux
DOI Antipattern-based model refactoring for software performance improvement ACM (quality) QoSA Conference 2012 Davide Arcelli, Vittorio Cortellessa, and Catia Trubiani #Time #Sampling #Semantic 1: ECS Unknown Unknown Unknown
DOI A performance tuning methodology with compiler support Scopus (quality) SP Journal 2008 Oscar R. Hernandez, Barbara M. Chapman, and Haoqiang Jin #Time #Static #Configuration NAS 7: LU, BT, EP, MG, FT, CG, GCE Gpu Application, Unknown Unknown
DOI API-Constrained Genetic Improvement Manual SSBSE Conference 2016 William B. Langdon, David R. White, Mark Harman, Yue Jia, and Justyna Petke #Time #Evolutionary #Destructive 1: SEEDS Superpixels C/c++ Application Mac
DOI The Application of Correctness Preserving Transformations to Software Maintenance Scopus (other) ICSM Conference 2000 J. Paul Gibson, Thomas F. Dowling, and Brian A. Malloy #Time #Static #Semantic 1: unnamed C/c++ Unknown Unix/linux
DOI Applying genetic improvement to a genetic programming library in C++ Manual SoftComputing Journal 2019 Víctor R. López-López, Leonardo Trujillo, and Pierrick Legrand #Time #Other #Focus #Evolutionary #Destructive 1: Beagle Puppy C/c++ Project Unknown
DOI Applying Genetic Improvement to MiniSAT Manual SSBSE Conference 2013 Justyna Petke, William B. Langdon, and Mark Harman #Time #Evolutionary #Destructive 1: MiniSAT C/c++ Project Unknown
DOI Approximate Oracles and Synergy in Software Energy Search Spaces Manual IEEE TSE Journal 2019 Bobby R. Bruce, Justyna Petke, Mark Harman, and Earl T. Barr #Energy #Evolutionary #Destructive PARSEC 4: 7zip, bodytrack, ferret, OMXPlayer C/c++ Project, Application Unix/linux
DOI A Probabilistic Framework for Compiler Optimization with Multithread Power-Gating Controls IEEE (energy) ICPP Workshop 2016 Wen-Li Shih, Cheng-Yen Lin, Ming-Yu Hung, and Jenq Kuen Lee #Energy #Static #Semantic 10: BP_message, DCT, DwtHaar1D, FastWalshTransform, Histogram, MatrixTranspose, Permute, PrefixSum, RadixSort, SimpleConvolution C/c++ Unknown Unknown
DOI Area and Power Reduction of Embedded DSP Systems using Instruction Compression and Re-configurable Encoding Scopus (energy) JSPS Journal 2006 Subash Chandar G., Mahesh Mehendale, and R. Govindarajan #Size #Energy #Focus #Static #Semantic 3: unnamed Unknown Unknown Unknown
DOI Area and Power Reduction of Embedded DSP Systems using Instruction Compression and Re-configurable Encoding Scopus (energy) ICCAD Conference 2001 Subash Chandar G., Mahesh Mehendale, and R. Govindarajan #Size #Energy #Focus #Static #Semantic 2: unnamed Unknown Unknown Unknown
DOI A robust steganography-based software watermarking Scopus (other) RACS Conference 2012 Cheol Jeon and Yookun Cho #Other #Static #Semantic 3: gzip, bzip2, lzop C/c++ Application Unix/linux
DOI Array Regrouping and Its Use in Compiling Data-Intensive Embedded Applications IEEE (energy), IEEE (memory), IEEE (time) IEEE TC Journal 2004 Victor De La Luz and Mahmut T. Kandemir #Memory #Time #Energy #Report #Static #Loops DSPstone, Perfect Club 13: biquad, conv, fir, lms, complex, real, fft, eflux, tsf, vcap, IA, jpeg, nwchem C/c++, Fortran File, Project Unknown
DOI A search for improved performance in regular expressions Manual GECCO Conference 2017 Brendan Cody-Kenny, Michael Fenton, Adrian Ronayne, Eoghan Considine, Thomas McGuire, and Michael O'Neill #Time #Evolutionary #Destructive 9: unnamed Regexp Block Unknown
DOI A Software-Only Compression System for Trading-Offs between Performance and Code Size Scopus (memory), Scopus (other), Scopus (quality) SCOPES Workshop 2005 Karine Heydemann, François Bodin, and Henri-Pierre Charles #Time #Size #Search #Sampling #Semantic SPEC, MediaBench 6: go, li, m88ksim, perl, h263, epic C/c++ File, Project, Application, Unknown Unix/linux
DOI A Source-Level Energy Optimization Framework for Mobile Applications Scopus (energy) SCAM Conference 2016 Xueliang Li and John P. Gallagher #Energy #Static #Semantic 3: unnamed Unknown Application Android
DOI Assisting non-specialist developers to build energy-efficient software ACM (energy) ICSE Other 2017 Benito Fernandes, Gustavo Pinto, and Fernando Castor #Energy #Static #Semantic DaCapo 2: xalan, tomcat Java Application Unix/linux
DOI A Study on the Efficiency Aspect of Data Race Detection -- A Compiler Optimization Level Perspective IEEE (memory), IEEE (other), IEEE (quality) QSIC Conference 2013 Changjiang Jia and W. K. Chan #Time #Memory #Size #Focus #Sampling #Configuration PARSEC 4: blackscholes, vips, dedup, x264 C/c++ Project, Application Unix/linux
DOI A Synchronization Optimization Technique for OpenMP IEEE (quality) ICCRD Conference 2021 Zhaochu Deng, Jianjiang Li, and Jie Lin #Time #Static #Semantic 1: unnamed Gpu Unknown Unknown
DOI A synthesis of memory mechanisms for distributed architectures Scopus (memory) ICS Conference 2001 Jiajing Zhu, Jay P. Hoeflinger, and David A. Padua #Time #Size #Report #Static #Semantic SPEC 5: jacobi, gauss, swim, tomcatv, SpMatMul C/c++ File, Project, Application Unix/linux
DOI A technique for the effective and automatic reuse of classical compiler optimizations on multithreaded code ACM (memory), ACM (quality) POPL Conference 2011 Pramod G. Joisha, Robert S. Schreiber, Prithviraj Banerjee, Hans-Juergen Boehm, and Dhruva R. Chakrabarti #Time #Time #Report #Static #Semantic SPLASH-2 8: m-fmm, ocean-c, barnes, wr-spl, wr-nsq, lu-c, radix, fft C/c++ File, Project, Application Unix/linux
DOI ATM: Approximate Task Memoization in the Runtime System IEEE (time) IPDPS Conference 2017 Iulian Brumar, Marc Casas, Miquel Moretó, Mateo Valero, and Gurindar S. Sohi #Time #Other #Focus #Static #Semantic PARSEC 6: blackscholes, gauss-sheidel, jacobi, kmeans, LU, swaptions C/c++ Project, Application Unix/linux
DOI A tuning framework for software-managed memory hierarchies ACM (memory) PACT Conference 2008 Manman Ren, Ji Young Park, Mike Houston, Alex Aiken, and William J. Dally #Time #Exploratory #Loops 4: FFT3D, SGEMM, CONV2D, SUmb Sequoia Unknown Unknown
DOI A Unified Framework for Optimizing Locality, Parallelism, and Communication in Out-of-Core Computations IEEE (memory) IEEE TPDS Journal 2000 Mahmut T. Kandemir, Alok N. Choudhary, J. Ramanujam, and Meenakshi A. Kandaswamy #Time #Static #Loops SPEC, Livermore Loops, blas, eispack, hompack, nwchem 10: mat, mxm, adi, vpenta, btrix, emit, syr2k, htribk, gfump, trans Unknown Block Unknown
DOI Automated compiler optimization of multiple vector loads/stores Scopus (quality) CF Conference 2016 Farhana Aleen, Vyacheslav P. Zakharin, Rakesh Krishnaiyer, Garima Gupta, David Kreitzer, and Chang-Sun Lin Jr. #Time #Static #Loops #Semantic Parboil, SPEC, DENBench, Polyhedron 8: MRI-Q, lbm, miniMD, backproj, rgbcmykv2, gromacs, rnflow, rgbyiqv2 C/c++, Fortran Unknown Unknown
DOI Automated empirical tuning of scientific codes for performance and power consumption ACM (energy), ACM (quality) HiPEAC Conference 2011 Faizur Rahman, Jichi Guo, and Qing Yi #Time #Energy #Search #Exploratory #Loops 3: gemm, gemv, ger C/c++ Function Mac, Unix/linux
DOI Automated just-in-time compiler tuning Manual CGO Conference 2010 Kenneth Hoste, Andy Georges, and Lieven Eeckhout #Time #Search #Evolutionary #Configuration SPECjvm, DaCapo 16: compress, jess, db, javac, mpegaudio, mtrt, jack, antlr, bloat, fop, hsqldb, jython, luindex, lusearch, pmd, xalan Java Project, Application Unix/linux
DOI Automated memory leak fixing on value-flow slices for C programs ACM (memory) SAC Conference 2016 Hua Yan, Yulei Sui, Shiping Chen, and Jingling Xue #Memory #Static #Destructive 8: ammp, gcc, perlbmk, mesa, twolf, a2ps, h2o, redis C/c++ Application Unix/linux
DOI Automated refactoring for size reduction of CSS style sheets ACM (other) DocEng Conference 2014 Martí Bosch, Pierre Genevès, and Nabil Layaïda #Size #Static #Semantic 9: Bootstrap, Joomla, JQuery, Instagram, The Times, Twitter, ACM, DocEng, Inovallee Css File Other
DOI Automated Selection of Software Refactorings that Improve Performance Manual ICSOFT Conference 2018 Nikolai Moesus, Matthias Scholze, Sebastian Schlesinger, and Paula Herber #Time #Static #Semantic 1: STATE Java Application Windows
DOI Automated software winnowing ACM (other), Scopus (other) SAC Conference 2015 Gregory Malecha, Ashish Gehani, and Natarajan Shankar #Time #Size #Focus #Static #Semantic 2: nweb, thttpd C/c++ File, Application Unix/linux
DOI AutomaticAI: A hybrid approach for automatic artificial intelligence algorithm selection and hyperparameter tuning Scopus (time) ESWA Journal 2021 Zoltan Czako, Gheorghe Sebestyen, and Anca Hangan #Time #Evolutionary #Configuration 1: unnamed Unknown Unknown Unknown
DOI Automatically Exploring Tradeoffs Between Software Output Fidelity and Energy Costs IEEE (energy), Scopus (energy) IEEE TSE Journal 2019 Jonathan Dorn, Jeremy Lacomis, Westley Weimer, and Stephanie Forrest #Other #Energy #Search #Evolutionary #Destructive PARSEC 10: blackscholes, blender, bodytrack, ferret, fluidanimate, freqmine, libav, swaptions, vips, x264 C/c++, Unknown Project, Application Unix/linux
DOI Automatically Tuning Parallel and Parallelized Programs Scopus (quality) LCPC Workshop 2009 Chirag Dave and Rudolf Eigenmann #Time #Exploratory #Configuration #Loops NAS, SPEC 9: unnamed C/c++ Unknown Unknown
DOI Automatic Analysis for Managing and Optimizing Performance-Code Quality ACM (quality) SAW Workshop 2008 Lamia Djoudi and William Jalby #Time #Sampling #Loops SPEC 3: CX3D, JACOBI, applu C/c++ Unknown Unknown
DOI Automatic Array Alignment in Parallel Matlab Scripts IEEE (time) IPPS/SPDP Conference 1999 Igor Z. Milosavljevic and Marwan A. Jabri #Time #Static #Semantic 5: mvp, power, spca, bicg, mlpbpr Matlab Function, File Unknown
DOI Automatic code overlay generation and partially redundant code fetch elimination Scopus (memory) ACM TACO Journal 2012 Choonki Jang, Jaejin Lee, Bernhard Egger, and Soojung Ryu #Time #Static #Semantic SPEC, MiBench, MediaBench 21: ammp, art, bzip2, jpeg, crafty, jpeg, epic, hmmer, lbm, mcf, milc, mp3, mp4d, mp4e, parser, pgp, sjeng, toast, twolf, untoast, vpr C/c++ Project, Application Unknown
DOI Automatic compiler optimization on embedded software through k-means clustering ACM (other) MLCAD Workshop 2020 Michael Werner, Lorenzo Servadei, Robert Wille, and Wolfgang Ecker #Time #Size #Search #Exploratory #Configuration 30: unnamed Unknown Unknown Unix/linux
DOI Automatic creation of tile size selection models ACM (other) CGO Conference 2010 Tomofumi Yuki, Lakshminarayanan Renganarayanan, Sanjay V. Rajopadhye, Charles Anderson, Alexandre E. Eichenberger, and Kevin O'Brien #Time #Exploratory #Loops 9: MMM, TMM, SSYRK, SSYR2K, STRMM, STRSM, TRISOLV, LUD, SSYMM C/c++ Block Unknown
DOI Automatic C-to-CUDA Code Generation for Affine Programs Scopus (quality) CC Conference 2010 Muthu Manikandan Baskaran, J. Ramanujam, and P. Sadayappan #Time #Static #Loops 7: unnamed C/c++ Block Unix/linux
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DOI Does lean imply green? -- A study of the power performance implications of Java runtime bloat Scopus (other) SIGMETRICS Conference 2012 Suparna Bhattacharya, Karthick Rajamani, Kanchi Gopinath, and Manish Gupta #Memory #Energy #Focus #Manual #Configuration #Destructive SPECjvm 1: jss Java Unknown Unix/linux
DOI Does the Introduction of Lambda Expressions Improve the Comprehension of Java Programs? Manual SBES Conference 2019 Walter Lucas, Rodrigo Bonif'acio, Edna Dias Canedo, Diego Marcilio, and Fernanda Lima #Other #Manual #Semantic 22: unnamed Java Unknown Unknown
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URL Is Less Really More? Towards Better Metrics for Measuring Security Improvements Realized Through Software Debloating Scopus (other) USENIX Workshop 2019 Michael D. Brown and Santosh Pande #Other #Static #Semantic 10: bzip2, chown, date, grep, gzip, mkdir, rm, tar, uniq, libcurl C/c++ Application Unix/linux
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